Photoalbum Luigi Nono

On Luigi Nono’s photo collection

The Archivio Luigi Nono conserves ca. 6,000 positive images (prints, slides, polaroids), which have recently been cataloged and digitalized thanks to a grant from the Regione del Veneto, and about a thousand negatives which still need cataloging.

The photographs are by Graziano Arici, Cameraphoto, Luigi Ciminaghi, Karin Rocholl, Grazia Lissi, Guy Vivien, Gianni Berengo Gardi, Luigi Nono and many others. The main subjects of the photos are portraits of Luigi Nono, documentary images of performances of his works, of Nono with other persons active on the international cultural and political scene, as well as landscapes, architecture, sketches and scores photographed by Luigi Nono and his personal photos with his family and friends.

PLEASE NOTE: The entire photographic collection is protected by copyright law and is available to the public only for consultation. The use of these images is strictly prohibited without written authorization by the copyright owners named in the captions (photographers, foundations, heirs, etc.) , or by the Archivio Luigi Nono.

– The Archive will make digital copies ONLY upon receipt of written permission from the copyright owner (who must be contacted by the person requesting the image) and the payment of the archival fees (Euro 40 per image).