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Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono


Luigi Nono, Venice, '80s.
© Grazia Lissi

The Luigi Nono Archive was established in 1993 through the efforts of Nuria Schoenberg Nono for the purpose of housing and conserving the Luigi Nono legacy, which includes: manuscripts of compositions, in particular sketches and preparatory studies; a collection of tapes and audio-cassettes consisting of recordings of Nono’s works as well as preliminary studies and material for his electronic compositions, as well as several interviews; manuscripts of essays, articles, lectures and lessons; Nono’s correspondence; Nono’s library encompassing over 10,000 volumes (many with marginalia) reflecting the breadth of his interests: music, literature, politics, philosophy, fine arts and sciences; concert programs, reviews and magazine articles; video tapes documenting his life and works; a collection of photographs and slides; Nono’s record collection of more than 1200 records.


  • Closure of the archive

    The Archive will be closed for inventory from September 28 to January 10
  • La Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono segnala ...

    7 dicembre 2015, PARIGI, Philharmonie de Paris, Luigi Nono, Prometeo. Tragedia dell'ascolto


    ...e molto altro...


    For a period of research of one day, access to the Archive is free of charge. For longer periods there is an entry fee of € 30,00 (thirty Euros), which gives you the right for a 50% reduction on the price of reproductions