Luigi Nono 1924-1990. Maestro di Suoni e silenzi

The exhibition is a reduced version of the large show produced in the year 2000 by the Archivio Luigi Nono in collaboration with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, for the tenth anniversary of the death of Luigi Nono.

The exhibition consists of 27 panels (60 cm wide and 42 cm high, mounted on aluminum and laminated) which illustrate the life and works of Luigi Nono in chronological order. The captions printed on the panels are in Italian. Above the panels runs a 20cm strip of cardboard or other suitable material with original quotations by Luigi Nono, which expand on the information on the panel. The Archivio Nono provides the quotations in Italian. The venue is responsible for making the strips in the appropriate language and lengths (according to the size of the room in which they are to be hung). The personnel of the Archivio Luigi Nono is available for consultation on setting up the exhibition.

The exhibition can be enhanced by adding:

  • 4 black and white photographs of Luigi Nono (30 cm x 42 cm) mounted on aluminum .
  • CDs with music by Luigi Nono
  • Videorecordings on the life and works of Luigi Nono (a loop of excerpts from interviews lasting about 7 minutes)


  • Euro 500: A contribution as a patron of the Archivio Luigi Nono Foundation onlus payable in advance before the exhibition is shipped. (The venue will receive a receipt for the payment).
  • Shipping: The venue will contact and pay a shipper to pick up and return the exhibition from and to the Archivio Luigi Nono (Giudecca 619/621 – ex convento SS. Cosma e Damiano, I-30133 Venice, Italy). The panels will be shipped in 1 wooden crate (90 cm x 52cm x 44 cm, weight: ~ 52 kg.).
  • Insurance: The venue will arrange for and pay for an insurance “nail to nail” (the value of the exhibition is: Euro 5.000).
  • Any expenses for the translation, printing and mounting of captions and quotations.
  • Any expenses related to the exhibition spaces, personnel, publicity, etc.

Exhibition panels