Rules and chargeable services

Rules for the use of the Luigi Nono Archive

This set of rules applies to the access and use of the following services:

  • Information and consultation
  • Consulting documents: on paper and audio visual
  • Reproductions (see chargeable services)

 The Archive does not lend materials

The Users must behave properly considering where they are and of the services offered; in particular they must not:

  • in any way harm the Archival materials
  • use pens or felt pens in the consultation room (use only pencils)
  • make marks or write on books, documents or copies of materials
  • eat or drink in the consultation room
  • disturb others by using cell phones

Access to the Archive

Use of the library is free.

In order to access the Archive services, it is advisable to give prior communication of the sojourn period and the nature of the research project, possibly via e-mail.

For prolonged sojourns, Readers are required to fill the registration form (downloadable from the present page: “MODULO_InizioRicerche”) and send it to the e-mail address

Personal data will be collected exclusively for internal use of the Archive and in strict compliance with the Italian Law n. 675/96.


In all of the Reading Rooms, it is strictly forbidden to bring purses or cases of any kind. Even though keyed lockers are not available, the access to the Archive Halls is regulated and guarded.


The User may access the LAN Catalogue from two computer posts, also with the personnel’s help, or by browsing the Archive’s website


The Reading Room is primarily dedicated to the reference of materials stocked in the Archive.

Specific rules regulating the reference of archived documents refer to the State Laws in force: the Decrees D.P.R. 30/09/1963 n. 1409 and 30/12/1975 n. 854 together with the 31/12/1996 n. 675 and n. 676 Italian Data Protection Act, the Decision of the Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Protection (G.U. 14/05/1999) regarding the processing of sensitive data, the Decree D.Lgs 30/07/1999 n. 281 on the processing of personal data for historical, scientific research and statistics purposes.

As regards the reference of private documents, Readers are required to sign a statement wherewith they pledge not to communicate the content of the materials to third parties and to discharge the Luigi Nono Archive from the legal consequences of the improper use of the information extracted from there.

Any further use of the aforesaid referenced materials must be granted a written permission by the entitled persons.

Readers are permitted to use portable personal computers and other digital devices.

The works in the Reading Room (current Library, copies of music manuscripts, concert reviews, audio-visual resources) are freely accessible. Readers must replace the materials to their right places on the open shelves with the utmost care.

All the other materials (books of the Fondo Luigi Nono, correspondence, concert programmes, long play records) may be requested to the personnel by filling out the appropriate form available on the tables.

Audio-visual materials may be listened to only with headphones.

Guided Tours

The Luigi Nono Archive gives guided tours for organized groups upon reservation (even by phone call of the person in charge). The itinerary unfolds through the materials of the Fondo Luigi Nono (manuscripts, correspondence, books, periodicals, pictures, audio-visual documents), besides their cataloguing and ways of fruition. The visit, lasting about 90 minutes, are free for groups of students of primary and secondary schools, while other types of groups are charged € 5,00 per person. 

Prohibitions and Internet access

The Users are forbidden to:

  • damage or change the hardware or software configuration of the computers in the Hall.
  • download files from the web, or other optical-magnetic devices, to the hard disks of the computers and/or install software programmes.
  • switch on, off, or reset the computers.

The Decree of Italian Interior Ministry of Aug. 16th 2005 has imposed on business owners the personal data recording of web users by means of a membership. As this service cannot be implemented, the Archivio Luigi Nono is not allowed to offer free access to the internet. The only surfable website in premise is that of the Archivio

Chargeable services

  1. Reproductions of Library materials and archival documents
  2. Archival references

A.1) How to request reproduction for personal use

The photocopying is ruled by the law n. 633/22.04.41 Art. 68 (up to 15% of one whole book).

For preservation reasons, the following materials are not suitable for copying:

* items of Luigi Nono’s personal library in a damaged condition

* large or heavy materials

* unpublished studies of which the authors have expressly denied the copying authorization

* photographic and audio-visual materials

* correspondence

as well as all the documents of which the heirs of Luigi Nono are not the copyright holders.

Copy service must be made by the Archivio personnel. To help the internal work organisation, Users are kindly requested to deliver the list of the materials to be reproduced only once a day.

a) For more than 20 copies, it is necessary to book the service and wait the length of time indicated by the personnel. This can last between 7 and 30 days, according to the number of copies and the availability of personnel.

b) Each single A4 b/w copy is charged € 0,30 for external Users and € 0,15 for the ‘Amici della Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono Onlus’ (the detailed price list can be found in the attached forms: “RIMBORSO_RIPRODUZIONI”).

Each scan is charged € 0,50 for external Users and € 0,25 for the ‘Amici della Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono Onlus’ (the detailed price list can be found in the attached forms). Storage devices costs (CD/DVD) and delivery expenses must be added.

Photocopying of a whole out-of-commerce book is charged an additional € 10 fee.

c) It is possible to request scans of the material via e-mail. The minimum charge is € 10. It is necessary to indicate precisely the pages (for this aim a scan of the book summary can be requested at € 1 per page) and prepay with one of the bank accounts of the Fondazione.

Once the fee is deposited, the Fondazione executes the scans and delivers them. To speed up the process, Users are invited to send an e-mail ( with the payment receipt.

A.2) How to request reproductions of archival documents for publications

The Fondazione is allowed to deliver copies of archival sources only under presentation of a written release by the copyright owners, with whom the requirer must get in touch personally.

In order to obtain permission to publish a document of the Archivio Luigi Nono of which the heirs of the composer are the copyright holders, it is necessary to send a written request to the President of the Fondazione, Nuria Schoenberg Nono, wherein the bibliographical references (author, title, volume title in case of essays collection, publisher, year of publication, pages, circulation) and the shelf mark of the document to be copied, must be stated. It is advisable to attach a low resolution image of the document itself.

When in possession of the written release, the following conditions for copying/publication of images apply:

– payment of € 40 (archive rights) per image by bank transfert;

– the caption of the reproduced image must bear the indication of the conservation site of the original document (“Archivio Luigi Nono, Venezia”) and of the copyright holders (“© Eredi Luigi Nono”);

– shipping of a specimen (printed or pdf) of the publication, that will be catalogued in the current library of the Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono.

B) Archival references

The personnel of the Fondazione can be asked to perform custom archival references (such as transcription of parts of documents, checking of data on the library, etc.). For the reference it is asked a contribution.

For assistance by members of the staff, during longer stays in the Archive, there is a fee of € 30 annually, giving you 50% off on the price of photocopies.

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