Luigi Nono 1924-1990

Photographic and documentary exhibition by the Archivio Luigi Nono

Nuria Schoenberg Nono curated this exhibition for the 1993 Salzburg Festival, using materials from the legacy of Luigi Nono. The panels illustrate the life and works of the composer through reproductions of photographs, documents, scores, manuscripts, concert programs and posters.

The exhibition is made up of 24 photographic panels (140 cm high and 90 cm wide).
They are divided in groups of three panels each, on the following themes:

  1. The early years
  2. The Fifties.
  3. Intolleranza 1960
  4. The Sixties
  5. The Seventies
  6. Al gran sole carico d’amore
  7. The Eighties
  8. Tragedia dell’ascolto

The texts on the panels are in German. The Archivio Luigi Nono can supply a set of small (A-4) panels with the translations in English These can be exhibited next to the large picture panels.

The exhibition can be enhanced by the addition of other media such as videocassettes about Luigi Nono and his works and CDs with a selection of his music, which the Archivio Luigi Nono can supply.


  • Euro 250.- A contribution as a patron of the Archivio Luigi Nono Foundation onlus payable in advance before the exhibition is shipped. (The venue will receive a receipt for the payment).
  • Shipping: The venue will contact and pay a shipper to pick up and return the exhibition from and to the Archivio Luigi Nono (Giudecca 619/621 – ex convento SS. Cosma e Damiano, I-30133 Venice, Italy). The panels will be shipped in 2 wooden crates (145 cm x 95 cm x 9 cm, weight: ~ 50kg.each).
  • Insurance: The venue will arrange for and pay for an insurance “nail to nail” (the value of the exhibition is: Euro 5.200).
  • Any expenses for the translation, printing and mounting of captions and quotations.
  • Any expenses related to the exhibition spaces, personnel, publicity, etc.

Exhibition panels